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Construction process

Each step should be planned beforehand to make sure nothing gets messed up during the construction process.

First step

The thought of constructing a house.

Second step

Get yourself a good main designer.

Third step

Find your house a good geographical spot. Keep in mind the travel distance schools and workplaces.

Fourth step

With the help of your main designer, find yourself a good construction designer or choose yourself a good house type. Do ask the construction surveillance about their opinion.

Fifth step

Make up a financial plan with the bank. Prepare for possible economic challenges.

Sixth step

Converse with the main and construction designers about the different options within the construction surveillance.

Seventh step

Get well acquainted with the construction spot. Take notes of the soil, altitude, foliage, wind directions etc.

Eighth step

List your current homes good and bad features. Measure the sizes of the rooms so the proportions are revealed.

Ninth step

Create a room space program for your new house. Negotiate this with your construction designer.

Tenth step

Figure out about different options with your designers. Discuss with the construction surveillance if the need arises.

Eleventh step

Create a connection chart between the room spaces. Negotiate these with your construction designer.

Twelfth step

Start up a project and an economy plan.

Thirteenth step

Refine the plans along with your specialists.

Fourteenth step

Get a construction permit as soon as you can. Negotiate with the construction surveillance about possible problems before leaving in the permit.

Fifteenth step

Create an accurate schedule and a project plan with your head designer. Figure out the role casting and the responsible questions.

Sixteenth step

Other designers and builders require their pay on time. Remember the paper contracts.

Seventeenth step

Ask for several contractor bids. Choose the best of your choosing. The cheapest isn’t usually the best.

Eighteenth step

Start up the construction right on time according to the schedules.

Nineteenth step

Supervise the construction along with the main and construction designer. Keep on time with the schedules.

Twentieth step

The house is being finished. Remember the inspections, surveys, warranty, manual instructions and maintenance instructions.



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