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KOY Rental Apartments of Jokioinen

Keskuskatu 29 B 31600 Jokioinen

A personal appointment must be arranged beforehand, the phone lines are open to this specific need during Mondays to Thursdays at 9:00 - 11:00 AM.

Digital forms:

Search for an apartment → Rental apartment application

                                             Rental apartment termination notice

A notice on a disturbance within the rental apartment

A paper form can be retrieved from the office or it can be printed from the link above.

Unfortunately the current forms at the moment are only available in finnish.


KOY Rental Apartments of Jokioinen

Our billing address:

Purchase invoices as online invoices

Operator Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

Online invoice address 003709566908

OVT-tag 003709566908

Whether you are unable to send online invoices, then instead we would suggest you to send them in paper form to the scanning service at:

Koy Rental apartments of Jokioinen (Apix scanning services)

PL 16112, 00021 LASKUTUS

Email scanning address:




Information about us

The arava rental apartments in the municipality of Jokioinen are controlled and managed by a company called Kiinteistö Oy Jokioisten Vuokra-asunnot. The company has in control 119 apartments within high-rise buildings and 65 apartments within row houses. The high-rise buildings are located near the downtown area while the row houses are located near the residential houses at Puistometsä and at Kallentie 3. 

The high-rise house sizes differ from a one-room flat to four rooms and a kitchen. Every house has a balcony. The sizes of the row houses that include a sauna differ from a one-room to a four rooms and a kitchen.

The prices per square meter of the rental apartments change according to the year the building was built from 9,14 – 10,54 Euros per square. Heating comes along side with the rent. (Uunontie 3 has water meters and electrical heating also at Rinnetie electricity consumption for underfloor heating in humid spaces.) The tenant makes their electricity contract at their chosen electricity producer.

High-rise buildings have access to Louneas optical fiber cables. Tenant has to make a separate contract.

Cost of water is 12,00€ per individual per month.

There is also a chance to rent a parking spot which costs 5,00€ per month. The spot can be rented from the janitor.

Sauna turns during Fridays for a singular individual 9,00€ per month and for the rest 12,00€ per month. Turns for the sauna are reserved from the janitor.

The company Kiinteistö Oy Jokioisten Vuokra-asunnot demands a one-month rental deposit, which is the amount of the monthly rent.

We check the buyer’s credit information.

People who work for the company include a real estate secretary, janitors and a cleaner. The municipality of Jokioinen also sells janitor services and technical hosting (maintenance and renovation).

You can also get an apartment application from the municipal office. The apartment application will remain valid for 4 months If there are not any apartments available after sending the application.

Using the form above in the beginning of this page, a housing termination can be written in an Email or it can be mailed.

Check the privacy statement  ↓

Privacy statement


Business ID: 0956690-8

Contact information



Link to secure mail


p. 050 3823 016

Real estate secretary

p. 050 4687 841

apartment applications, apartment supervision


p. 050 5926 537 

(High-rise buildings)


p044 7129 415


Construction master

p. 044 7817 564

Koy buildings decoration, maintenance, technical things, in-charge of safety

Technical service on Mondays to Fridays

On emergencies during evenings at 16:00 to 7:00, call the number:

 050 5925 853

The line will be open the entire day on weekends from Saturdays to Sundays and on sacred days



Jokioisten kunta
Keskuskatu 29 A
31600 Jokioinen

Kunnanvirasto avoinna
ma-pe klo 9.00-15.00

Virallinen sähköpostiosoite

(luottamushenkilöt ja henkilöstö)
Sähköposti: etunimi.sukunimi(at)

044 901 7174 (ma - to, klo 9 -14)