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Tapulimakasiini (The Grain Storehouse)


The timber log storehouse is a three storey, hip-roofed, red ochre painted former grain store with a baroque style steeple. The building dates to the 1700s. A story relates how the provincial governor, von Willebrand, devised a plot to have the building, which was used by the Russians as a grain store, to be brought from Humppila to Jokioinen. The farmhands and tenant farmers transported straw and some scrap wood to Humppila. They gave the soldiers guarding the storehouse copious amounts of alcohol, causing them to become very drunk. The building was then dismantled by the farmhands and was loaded, piece by piece, onto a carriage. Finally, the straw and the pieces of wood were then burnt at the site. When the Russians woke up, they thought that the grain store had burnt down. The storehouse was then erected at its current place in Jokioinen. The clock in the tower has only the hour hand, which was forged in 1811 by a blacksmith working for the Estate.

During the summer months, art exhibitions are held in the building and the storehouse is open for visitors during these events.

Address: Kirkkotie 2
Information: tietotalo(at)
Free entry

Exhibitions in summer 2022:

21.6. - 10.7. Summer Exhibition by Kuhankosken kilta

12.7. - 31.7. Summer Exhibition byTapuliryhmä

2.8. - 14.8. Exhibition by Hattula Art Club


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